10 Fun Summer things to do #CapeTownLens

1. Fun in the sun

tree swings are so relaxing!
Take some time to give your skin enough vitamin D

2. Make your moment.

This was a random drive to Simon’s town. Found some stairs between some random vintage looking buildings and decided to make it a photo shoot destination.

3. Messy mangos

Have a refreshing time eating some mangos! (Its messy even when eating with a knife & fork!)

4. Summertime smoothies

Summer smoothies are a must have! You can practically blend together just about any fruit with some yogurt and ice! 😉 #Yum!
Good Morning Smoothie #breakfast #smoothie #BerryBlaze #summerLovin
Good Morning Smoothie
#breakfast #smoothie #BerryBlaze #summerLovin

5. Take random drives. Choose a background and capture!

Choose a background. Add a filter (or not, lol) and capture your moment.

6. Make some time to impact the younger generation. Choose someone you want to get to know and make a difference in that someone’s life by doing something amazing for them or with them – like a little encouraging note or get to know them over a time of kfc krushers (someone’s always looking up to you.)

KFC Krushers, Yum!
KFC Krushers, Yum!

7. Watch the moonrise

It’s summer. Days are longer and nights are shorter. So keep track of when new/full moon arrives to capture this beautiful sight! Never a dull moment in the beauty of nature.

8. Make all sorts of music, anywhere!

Take a musical instrument with on your next drive (or just your voices – anyTHING around you can be modified into an instrument) and make crazy songs about what’s happening around you. With the right people, this could turn out to be a great laughing session. Yay, endorphins!

9. Try the homemade hot-chocolate recipe. Add whipped cream or BUBBLY chocolate as your topping…or both! perfect for late winter or summer nights! yum, yum, yum!

Some homemade hot-choco with ‘BUBBLY’ chocolate as the topping is always great-winter or summer nights
Homemade hot-chocolate recipe: https://mein3dee.wordpress.com/2014/07/12/winter-calls-for-a-cup-of-homemade-hot-chocolate-dyi-%E2%99%A5/

10. Save up for that thing you really wanted to get and before this summer’s over go and get that special something. #spoilyourselfnowandthen

The dress i need to save for. #Forever21
The dress i need to save for.



Don’t forget to rest!
Drink lots of water!
And capture moments!



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