New Year’s Resolutions

Although 2015 is about to arrive, i feel like we’ve been living in it already!

So, seeing that it hasn’t officially arrived yet, i thought we should plan some new year’s resolutions. (Yeay!)

Something to remember:

New years resolutions does NOT start in 2015! it starts now, so that by the time 2015 arrives, you’re well into developing the new habit and stand a better chance of keeping this habit, or achieving the planned goal.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s begin!

i thought it would be great to start the 2015 THANKFUL JAR.

All we’ll need is:

  • definitely a glass jar! (can be a mayonnaise jar, pickles, beetroot or even those milk jars.)
  • Some pretty ribbon
  • perhaps some cut out letters and glue to stick these letters on the jar.
  • feel free to use additional stickers or even paint the wording onto the jar (be creative and add your own dimension to your jar. :D)

Put these together and you have your thankful jar ready for 2015.



Share your thoughts :)

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