The story of my Vintage Paris Watch…

God can use anything
God can use anything

I think it’s so cool how God can use ANYTHING to speak to us! 🙂

As i was looking for a few things in cupboard today, I stumbled across an old vintage Paris watch i got that just hadn’t been working at all-or that’s what i thought when i gave up on it. I assumed it needed a new battery, but never got round to actually fixing it up. I have been going through my days without a watch ever since-don’t ask me how! Today, however, i discovered the watch was miraculously working. Wow, Thank You Lord! Such gracious signs of God taking care of me. i bet, if we kept our eyes open, we’d see him leave His fingerprints in our lives each day! 🙂

This just made me think about how we sometimes give up on something, before we even start or we just do not push through until we get something up and running. The point is, we’ve got to push through ’till we get it right and until we get things working! (Even if it’s just one thing a day)-Let’s do this!

#FeelingMotivated #PauseAndThinkAboutIt


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