But How?

When we find ourselves in a difficult circumstances, for me, many times I end up questioning “but how?”- how am I going to do this? I know what to do, but how do I do it? In one of my favorite books (and i mean fav!!), I have been reading about the “how” part. Really, it’s quite simple- Here’s how:

We believe God’s Word is true and then follow where it leads-because ultimately God’s Word describes all of God’s Nature. It is God’s spoken Word that shows us where He walked and where He leads-all we have to do is follow.

Following Jesus reminds me of when I first entered my occupational therapy course. I had no idea I would have so many practicals and practical exams (which always caused me an immense amount of anxiety-even in high school days as I knew it would challenge me to my core each time), but I couldn’t back out of my course-I knew I wanted this degree and that it encompassed everything I was passionate about doing, so I gathered all the courage I possessed and followed where this course led me (and in the process i was able to grow in my capacity to handle so much more!). Same with Jesus, following Him requires us to have faith in Him and where He leads us, because He always sees the bigger picture and He always has the very best for us in mind (Jer 29:11), even when we may not be able to always see where we are being led. So, gather your courage, pick up your cross and follow Him in faith-it’s the best thing that can ever be done!




One comment

  1. Amen. Personally i realized that walking by faith was the easiest way.
    Its simple and give you a happy heart coz what u do is to close ur eyes and have faith.
    Am telling u no anxiety is added on.

    Thank you!


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