What’s the point anyway?!

So, I’ve been meaning to post for a while, and I thought I should probably  get something out there, before my blog goes stale and rots away forever….aand what better to post than those simple moments in life that bring out such meaning-it’s worth blogging about!

Lately I’ve been feeling like what’s the point of life and all that comes with it (Yip! Being an adult and still having those moments! LOL). We get to a point where we just become complacent and comfortable with living and existing. Why do we get to this point? (I hope you’re ready for the answer…) This happens because we become self-consumed. Yes, selfish in living life for ourselves, but you see, we weren’t created to live life for ourselves and that’s why life becomes empty and unfulfilling. So then why were we created you may ask. Let’s take it back to the beginning….we were created to be loved by God and because He loves us beyond words can ever explain, we want to love Him back and we do this by giving-Giving of our lives to God and of ourselves to others, this is when life becomes so much more rewarding. The heart is happiest when it beats for others, right? This is just who we are as part of our human design.

My dad shared a word the other day about Elijah that looked for God in the wind, the earthquake, in the fire, but he heard God in the whisper. (1 Kings 19:12)- It got me thinking about this still small voice of the God-whisper. When we become complacent and we accept that what we’re living is all we will ever live-Like Elijah, we hide in our caves of comfort, conflicted, isolated and alone. This is when God’s whisper contradicts what we have accepted to openly rule our lives, God’s whisper stretches us to live the more. When Elijah heard God’s still, small voice, he stepped out of his cave (place of hiding) and listened to what God told him. In the same way, God’s whisper has the power to move us from the place of hiding, complacency and comfortability (whether it’s relationships, places, conversations or silence) and to a place of living in the more!

So when life becomes pointless, lean in, listen and give! 👌🌺



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