#4 Days…

It all started 10 years ago when a children’s ministry team from Canada stayed in our home for a month. Hearing their stories, living with them and becoming a family has really changed my life forever. This is when I can first remember my dream to travel was so vividly awakened within me. I began collecting all things Canadian – stickers, flags and journalled about travelling to Canada and eventually I started collecting maps and jotting down other places I would want to travel to as well. I committed this to the Lord and knew that God’s perfect time for me to travel would be revealed.

That time is now.

Ten years later I now have 4 days left to prepare for my first ever trip to a place that has been on my heart (and in my travel journal) since I first heard about the ministry fund for the orphans in Rwanda. This stirred up something in my heart to contribute to this amazing opportunity, to continue this fund and one day visit the orphans being funded. My passion is to make a positive difference in the lives of kids and young girls and I am so excited and privileged to meet and partner with the people of the Heart of Africa. It then became my dream to give a portion of my business profits to the orphans in Rwanda as well as to invest my resources into the lives of the underprivileged girls in my own community. By sharing this dream with other big dreamers, one of the orphans’ got her university fees sponsored! She is now able to live her dream! 😀

This makes me excited to see more dreams awakened and activated, sparking off more dreams and seeing dreamers connect to form and pursue even bigger dreams from here!

These past ten years have been my  preparation for the nations. I have met the most amazing people that have become part of my family and that has impacted my life in so many ways, fanning the flame within me and helping me to realize what I possess in Christ. The Lord could not have chosen a more perfect time for me to have my first ever missions trip outside of South Africa (and first time on a plane !) – with all my favorite people! His thoughts are higher than ours and His ways are far higher than ours (Isaiah 55:9)

There have been challenges financially as well as academically as I am a final year occupational therapy student. I expected God to supernaturally in some “out of the ordinary miraculous way” provide and remove all obstacles in preparation for this trip, but as I was thinking about this trip, I have realized that this trip in itself is a miracle. This trip is me living my dream that I’ve had for so many years. God’s goodness is everywhere, we just have to open our eyes and see it in our everyday journey.

So this is my on the way story-which is about exactly that; it is the ‘on the way’ experiences…that makes the journey. Through this short story, I pray you are encouraged to never stop dreaming with God! Dream BIG! And then pursue those dreams with God. His timing is always perfect, because he’s not bound to time.

Live your dream

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