Highlights of Rwanda Missions Trip

“When you get a chance to live your dream, let nothing stand in your way, not your other dreams, not even the dream itself.”

Going on my first ever missions trip has been an experience beyond words can describe. When people ask me, “So, how was your trip to Rwanda?”, I know there is no one word answer or quick explanation to describe this experience. The lessons are endless and the experiences have changed my life forever.

Here are Just a few of the highlights:

It was an amazing feeling to finally be at the airport, not just to say goodbye to people but to finally be the ones to fly!


I love how Rwanda gives you the feeling of home away from home. As much as it was an adjustment, it still felt like a second home. The people we met were beyond amazing!


One of the important realizations for me was that my life was impacting the nations before i even physically went to the nations. So dream BIG, because this inspires others to dream as well.


We visited an orphanage for girls who have gone through a lot in life, just to love on them and show them that love looks like something, and not only were we able to show them but they were able to show us as well. 💜

“It’s not about how  much you know, but really it’s about who you are.”


Kigali, Rwanda is the city of a thousand hills….and a thousand beautiful sunsets!

Rwanda uses motorbikes as taxi’s – what a thrill!


Our visit to the genocide Memorial was one of the most intense experiences. Rwanda, the heart of Africa, has gone through the most vile and tragic occurrences, yet has allowed forgiveness and love to rule.


Rwanda has taught me the power of vulnerability. Being vulnerable is not over-exposing yourself and your deepest darkest secrets, it’s simply opening yourself up for connection and through this allow your life to impact others.






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