Occupational Therapy in the making...
Occupational Therapist in the making…

This is where you’ll find tips, quotes and other Fun OT stuff from the perspective of an OT Student.

My Story to finding Occupational Therapy as a career choice…


“What is Occupational Therapy even?” – People

It’s all about your passions in one career!

occupational therapy

The famous question that cannot be answered….in one sentence, simply because OT is that awesome that it encompasses so many things!

Here’s a little video that explains more…




Some of my favorite 2015 Practical moments:

IMAGE#1: Our finished art project on the walls of Woodside Special Care Center, dedicated to the amazing kids we worked with.
IMAGE#2: the incredible souls that made the journey at Woodside even more amazing.

So if you’re a student at University of Cape Town, your third year is divided into two 10 week blocks (practicals)-one for Mental Health and another for Physical Health. For me, my first block was a physical health block. The 10 weeks were divided into a further two 5 week physical health blocks. i started my physical block at a place called Woodside Special Care Center….and my time there was amazing.

I remember my first time visiting Woodside…it was so overwhelming I ended up leaving there an emotional wreck! (Literally crying!) The residents could not speak, many could not walk, drool was everywhere and they made the weirdest sounds that I had never been exposed to. Some of them would sit in a corner and hit themselves and I wondered how an OT would possibly help anyone in a place like this. At first glance, it seemed like a hopeless task. But as we know, where there’s OT, there’s a way-even when it seems hopeless!

Sooooo, to make a long story short, I worked with two perfectly amazing little children that stole my heart. They taught me how the little things matter in life. For example, the little boy I worked with had cerebral palsy, which is caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain and can either result in your body tone being completely floppy (flaccid) or you end up being really stiff (spastic). This little boy’s limbs were spastic. He also had contractures in his knees and was therefore unable to walk. Each session i would engage him in some cause and effect play and for the first couple of sessions (which seemed like a series of fifty first sessions), he was unable to co-ordinate his movements to effectively engage in the play activity. However, with lots of repetition, reinforcement, correct positioning, love and patience, he was able to engage effectively in the cause and effect play activity at a level that surprised me greatly. This simple activity worked on the quality of his upper extremity movement, upper limb co-ordination and muscle strength while simultaneously having fun! There was so much laughter, babble and hugs!

My second client was almost entirely opposite. She had profound intellectual disability and did not smile, could not talk, she drooled & cried so much and could not sit still. With all of this, the most important thing she taught me was that love is patient and enduring. At the end of my block, she literally held on to me and gave me a glimpse of her beautiful smile. This is why I love OT, it’s all about a collision of love that looks like something, impacting the lives involved!


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