My World of Lists

So i have a little confession to make….I may be a little of a planner addict and as a result, I’ve always been passionate about journaling and organizing my life into lists. So this is where you’ll find a view of my life in a bunch of lists…

Blog Post up: My 19 by 20 Bucket List Challenge:

Took the month of May (2014) just as a month of Lists! This, however, worked out better for me as one list a month! LOL.

List #1: Things i love…

  1. Journalling
  2. Tea!!
  3. Nature, greenery and autumn weather!
  4. Cappuccinos one being rich and creamy and two, being my furry Chino (short for cappuccino and long for ‘no’. lol) also known as kit-cat, chino-weeno, nonna, chinkles.
  5. sweet things, yes sir!
  6. Unusual Love stories
  7. Painting
  8. Good Music
  9. Being  organised.
  10. New things


List #2: Things that make my Heart Happy

  • 1. Knowing and seeing that my life is a positive example to others-older and younger.
  • 2. Seeing the kids you’re working with and getting overly excited, because they’re excited to see you too. 😀
  • 3. A good day of ministry-Reaching out to others and knowing that God has everything under control.
  • 4. Hearing and seeing supernatural signs of Jesus Christ in my life. ❤
  • 5. Face to Face compliments, LOL.
  • 6. Reaping the fruits of hard work
  • 7. Making a good point/joke/ getting my view or opinion conveyed successfully.
  • 8. Real hugs and smiles and waves.
  • 9. Good Food. 🙂
  • 10. Special efforts dedicated to me, from those who’s opinions matter in my life.


List #3: Loving Sweet Things!

  • 1. Speckled Eggs
  • 2. Melva Pudding
  • 3. Cheesecake
  • 4. Bubbly Chocolate
  • 5. Oreo Milkshakes
  • 6. Chocolate-vanilla-caramel ice-cream
  • 7. chocolate Mousse with ice-cream
  • 8. Chococcino (hot-chocolate and cappuccino mixed!)
  • 9. Brownies
  • 10. Lemon Meringue


List#4: Just a few random things I’d wanna do:

  • 1. Go volunteer at Shawco Health
  • 2.  Wear Heels more!
  • 3. Dance to my own rhythm
  • 4. Go Zorbing
  • 5. Paragliding
  • 6. Jazz club
  • 7. Obviously travel-everywhere in Europe!
  • 8. Visit the Rwanda Orphans
  • 9. Go back to visit Vredellus Huis 🙂


List #05: Things i am looking forward to:

Rustic Christmas Tree Love this on our #ChristmasDecorating Group Board! @TheDailyBasics ♥♥♥

  • 1. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  • 2. New Years Eve and New years Day
  • 3. Being an OL (Orientation Leader)
  • 4. Shopping for clothes! (Not so much the shopping, more the part where i actually have new things!)
  • 5. Dance sequence with my brothers 😀
  • 6. Weighing 50 KG’S! (Perhaps in my dreams)
  • 7. Seeing my grandparents from England next year!

List #6: Some things I’m loving right now:

Six months of bullet journalling. Read it on my blog

  • 1. My instagram pictures…they inspire me to think of my life positively.
  • 2. Revelations from Father God. i just love spending that alone time with Him!
  • 3. Just Loving Life by the moment!
  • 4. Love filling moments with life and capturing them.
  • 5. Loving our family times.
  • 6. Loving Journaling…permanently.
  • 7. Getting through my to-do’s!
  • 8. The Autumn weather in Decemeber-LOVE!
  • 9. All God’s blessings are just amazing!

List#7: Favorite Movies

  • 1. Taken (the first one only)
  • 2. Freaky Friday (probably watched this 1000 times)
  • 3. She’s the Man
  • 4. Brother Bear 1
  • 5. Frozen (especially the theme song..!)
  • 6. Tangled
  • 7. The Incredibles (Especially this scene-Frozone: “Honey, where’s my supersuit?!)
  • 8. Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2, 3 (This should be at the top of my list!)
  • 9. Now is Good
  • 10. A walk to remember
  • 11. Anastacia
  • 12. Shrek 1
  • 13. Pocahontas


22 April 2014

Thankful Tuesday 🙂

Something to think about...there's always something to be thankful for, plus it opens up doors that would never have been opened :)
Something to think about…there’s always something to be thankful for, plus it opens up doors that would never have been opened :)Having such a wonderful Tuesday thus far, that i just have to take a moment to be thankful.

Having such a wonderful Tuesday thus far, that i just have to take a moment to be thankful.

  • This day, so beautiful, you can’t help but smile.
  • My Family-absolutely amazing and supportive
  • The 9am CITY bus driver wishing me a happy day-sweeet 🙂
  • My beautiful diary planner that is just so convenient and makes my plans (and life!) so much easier
  • Walking past random people throughout the day and just smiling at them-and watching how a simple smile can trigger a smile in them too 🙂
  • inspiration to write my psychology essay…just 6 more readings to go =]

Once you change your attitude toward something, it just becomes easier for you to do and you end up doing better at it than you would have with a bad attitude. So, for today, take something you would usually dislike and try looking at it from a new perspective-find something in it that you can actually like and watch it become easier… 🙂



6 January 2013

The Happiness List

So, today I’ve started my happiness list. We’re 6 days into this ridiculously amazing 2013, so I’ve come up with 6 things that has made me smile this year:

• an evening swim
• A slice of real chocolate mousse
• my 4 distinctions (and every single person that took the time to congratulate me…)
• my red peep-toe heels worn with confidence:)
• journalling in my 2013 diary
• my lipgloss that brings colour to my smile…:)

Thank you Lord for all your blessings in my life…

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