Restaurant Reviews

  1. Primi Piatti – Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa

Personal family favourite where we usually bring all our guests from across the world – awesome food, beach views, friendly staff and an awesome atmosphere! 🙂


Our favourite part about Primi in Muizenberg is the sense of family you get when you’re served by the waiters/waitresses. All of them chip in to help one another out. Now that’s good service! 🙂

Another awesome favourite is the fact that they’re the only branch to still serve this Large Cappuccino Mug size. So, if you’re looking for a REAL Large cappuccino, this is the place to be. Please keep this special feature @PrimiPiatti!


Prices: (Plus-minus) R250-300 for two people for great meal and drinks included.

Less than R200-250 for breakfast for 2 people


One of my favourite things to order for breakfast is the Eggs Benedict with Salmon (Yum!).

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Suggestion to @PrimiPiatti:

There should be a balance between pictures and wording on the menu. The older version of the menu was much easier to read than the new one!