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An over-thought Strawberry Pickin’ session…

7 January 2012

So yesterday we went Strawberry pickin’!…and again I’ve been thinking too much, but this time about something a bit different and it kinda made me feel so emotional! Gosh, so as I’m looking for those juicy, red, tender strawberries, I began comparing them to the incredible, miraculous creation called females:

1. Firstly you get the ones that’s just not ready to be picked yet-like the girls that’s just not that mature enough to date. Remember the right guy at the wrong time is still the wrong guy.

2. Then there’s the ones that’s too ripe- that’s messy to handle or have been handled too much- those are probably the majority I think. Like the girl used, abused, and left hoping they’d be picked. There’s a healing process that needs to be undergone before you’re ready to be picked by the right man.

3. And then you get the ones that’s easy to spot. They’re so desperate to be picked that they hanging almost completely away from the little bush that holds them and in danger zone. they’re the ones that gets easily knocked and mishandled. They’re completely separated from Christ who made them perfect in Him.

4. Some are so hidden that they never get picked and those are the girls called to cylabessy

5. And lastly you get the big, red, ripe ones that you actually have to search out to pick (and enjoy) through the green leaves protecting it-these are the ones so hidden in Christ that you have to seek out the bush (Christ) to find the strawberry. I think that’s the kind of strawberry every girl should strive to be like. You are sure to be picked and enjoyed at the right time by the right man.

The end of an over-thought strawberry pickin’ session.

written by Tasha-Leigh Williams

Moments of inspiration ♡
Moments of inspiration ♡







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