Dear Diary…


Dear First year Varsity student. This is for you.

I’ve compiled a few tips from former first year students at UCT, old newspapers I’ve found, etc etc…

1. Make as many friends during orientation in different faculties, especially the one you’re in. They can prove to be very resourceful and make the journey far more bearable throughout the year!

2. Don’t miss any of orientation unless its not your vibe…uhmmm…The workload can get crazy so don’t lag behind not even 4 a moment. Go to all your tutorials so that should you not feel for a lecture u know whats cooking and trust me when i say u miss one reading, one prescribed chapter or text ,you’re screwed, so be consistent! (even if it’s just one reading you get through)

3. Just go with it lol… no teachers, u really make your own rules. Everything’s at your pace and time

4. But Meet deadlines and plan assignments well! It’s pass chilled though…you’ll love it…got nothing to be nervous about…;)

5. It helps to join societies that give somewhat of an outlook of what you’re studying. Also join a society (not people, like sign up for extra mural at school… yeah that buzz lol). Sign up for one completely irrelevant to studies, pure clean fun society lol…it can be a blast…eg. Ballroom dancing. (Be careful not to take on too many things though!) 

6. uh… first semester sets the par for the rest of your degree sooo work hard. Pull out all the stops, attend as many lectures as possible, don’t miss a tutorial and choose courses that u did some research on. University is a whole new ball game, workload is like matric in one semester-standards are high so use all the help u can get. Read up a lot and don’t leave anything for the last minute.

7. Gotta know what’s cooking in the world, learn a new language-it’s hard but challengingly fun…

8. Don’t even think anybody cares about anything. It’s so different to high school-everyone is really on their own buzz-trying to get that degree yo! (unless you’re on medical campus at UCT-everyone’s in your face all the time, LOL)

9. Utilize the resources! there’s lotsa help so the libraries, student societies, computer labs and the essay help on campus.-use ’em, use ’em, use ’em!

10. Ooooh and don’t forget to just have fun! Take a Claremont Jammie with your friends and use that IKEYS discounts!It will seem like u not sure why you’re studying something and it can get hard, but there are lots of support, lotsa help… if at any point you not feeling a course, utilize the student advisers
 they need something to do. See a curriculum advisor…

11. Do a self planner before you get to varsity though-like what you want out of this experience and what you want to have achieved from the time u get there to the time u graduate and just vibe a gig lol!

12. There’s lots to enjoy! After first couple weeks u like a home child wearing bed slippers lol just be yourself:)

13. registration= go early the queues can get insane long!

14. Get a bus (or the public transport you use) timetable and make sure you’re early enough at the bus stop especially coming home. If you miss a bus you’ll have to wait an hour before the next one.

15. Campus food can be tempting, warning that = added kilos lol. And i mean it! too many donuts and mocha’s can add unwanted kilos!

16. If possible choose a seat closer to the front and record your lectures. You will want to listen to them again in case you didn’t get everything in your notes. Tutorials are where you get the most help so interact during tutorials.

17. Study daily! There is no way you will be able to study everything even a week before your exam!!

18. Don’t feel intimidated – ask questions when you need to.

19. Also, do get yourself a daily planner so that you’re organised and ready for each day!

20. Lastly have fun, stay focused, but keep your life balanced! ☺

it's a 'dear diary' thing...
it’s a ‘dear diary’ thing…

First year, First day experience…

Dear Diary

one word= tiring!

highlight of my first day: the friendly people who took the student card pictures! they were awesome and made you feel like you could be yourself, despite the fact that my pic came out horrible!! LOL. These pics always seem to deceive everyone.

Downlight of the day (can this just be a word for now!): There’s so many! the enormous lines for registration, the standing in the bus on my way home and then someone still farts! like,who does that?? the heat in that bus made it the ideal moment! And, not forgetting the making friends part! Seriously it’s not as simple as it sounds, especially if you’re the  introvert type like me! My opinion though, is to make as many friends as you can-with whoever talks to you, even if you’re not studying the same thing-and then as the year progresses, you’ll get to sift them through. Choose the right friends to be your closest- just follow that inner voice!

Fears for the day: Travelling! Especially the thought of having to travel all by myself the next day! where would i get off? How would I know?

Tip of the day: Bring lunch with, especially on the first day so that you’ll stay clear of headaches!

it's a 'dear diary' thing...
it’s a ‘dear diary’ thing…

Day 2

dear diary…

highlight of the day: travelling! it’s like that “me-alone time” …starting to love it!

“Downlight”: the evil cockroach that decided to show up on my seat!!!! Horrible!!!!!!

Tip of the day: KNOW & Stand firm in truth and do not be swayed by other people’s beliefs that are not based on truth.

it's a 'dear diary' thing...
it’s a ‘dear diary’ thing…

Hmmm…Day # (I lost track)…
Guys, the making friends process gets easier as you practice moving out of your comfort zone…i know sounds a bit scary, but its worth it. (now I can actually relate to that tip! :))

Today was super nice…more relaxed, not so tense…was pretty awesome actually. We met our second year buddies, which will help us through first year. When they started coming in the room, I asked Father God to lead me to the right person (cause as you know I’m not good with the whole buddy thing) and well, He allowed the right person to be led to me! I totally enjoyed the chatting away(which doesn’t happen easily might I add), the snacks, etc.

Tip of the day: talk to God about your concerns and He will come through for you. (And I can talk from personal experience here! Lol) You might think its crazy, unnecessary, or petty lil things, but He loves it when we include Him in our day and He’ll throw in some extra ‘awesomeness’ in your day!

it's a 'dear diary' thing...
it’s a ‘dear diary’ thing…

Day…-I officially lost all count!

HIGHLIGHT: My days have been filled with promises from God, testing my faith, making friends and all His many blessings! 🙂 it’s awesome!

“DOWNLIGHT”: Been so busy that i couldn’t even find time to blog 😦

A Daily Tip: Find a promise from God each day and live in it! 🙂

This date will never come again! Make it count:)
This date will never come again! Make it count:)


Today is the 30th December 2014. i have survived a full first and second year of uni and i am officially off to third year. Rest assured that with God by your side, you WILL make it through anything. If He has brought you to it, He will most definitely bring you through it!

Now that you have a sneak peek into my first year, here’s a summary of second year. (it’s way more chilled!)

My journey through second year has been a fun one, through which I’ve strengthened my existing friendships, made new ones, tried some new things, which has been on my bucket list (i can carry these experiences with me for life-so don’t try anything you wouldn’t want to share with the world). I have also discovered so much about myself, as well as the nature of my Father God. Second year went by way too fast!

Just another one of my tips: Journal about your experiences. In this way you get to reflect on all your wonderful (and not so wonderful) experiences and see how you’ve grown (and you never know when it may come in handy, especially for reflection assignments!).

For more Uni experiences, check out my OT-Zone Page:




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