Dare to Dream♡

A dream come true:



DIY Project: What are your dreams, your passions, your desires?

Try collecting representations of these (can be pictures, magazine cut-outs, brochures, stickers, etc) and add them all to one massive DREAM-BOOK. Keep track of your dreams and watch them unfold as you discover more about yourself…

Here’s mine:

my dream book collage
my dream book collage
discovering my career
Discovering my career

Dream [001]: Discovering my Dream Career…

Once upon a high-school adventure, was a girl who was always lost when it came to knowing what she wanted to be one day…that girl was me. As a result, I started my dream book in 2012 to keep track of all the things I was interested in, from simple things such as reading mystery books, solving puzzles & making jewelry to having a passion for working with children.

I searched for some sort of career that would match my personality and so I completed online career quizzes and looked for careers in magazines that could pass as possibilities for me, but none of these options made me feel completely fulfilled inside. At first, I settled on actuarial science, just to have something to say when people asked “what do you want to study when you’re done with high school?”. I then came across sports science as a career, which caught my attention, so i decided to put this in my dream journal. This eventually led to me discovering and wanting to become a physiotherapist and so I job-shadowed a physio and settled on studying physiotherapy. My heart, however knew that none of the options I came across was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

One day, in my matric year, the school decided to take a few of the top academic learners for an aptitude and career test conducted by a psychologist. This psychologist tried to match my interests with possible careers or at least steer me in some sort of direction. I remember mentioning to him that i did not want to consider anything in the health science department as a could not handle bloody situations and was not strong enough to work with bloody patients for the rest of my life.Weird enough, once all the testing and matching was done, the psychologist and I were not happy with the results as it directed me toward sports (I was not sports orientated at ALL!). The psychologist then told me (off the record) that I should consider researching occupational therapy. I was like, “hmmm, I never heard of that!”.  He explained to me that it was in the health science field, but assured me that it was not like working with bloody patients. I went home that day and researched this new career and to my surprise, something felt right about it. I decided this was it, this was for me. I applied to the University of Cape Town (UCT) as well as the University of Stellenbosch for occupational therapy (first choice) and physiotherapy (second choice). Both Universities contacted me at different times and so I prayed hard about this decision.  The Lord clearly led me to one of the pages in my dream journal that had a picture of me wanting to study at UCT and so my decision was made. Both universities also accepted me for occupational therapy and rejected me for physiotherapy, which was confirmation for me to study OT. When I started studying, I realised more and more how perfect this career is for me as it pulls together all of who I am, from enjoying solving mysteries to working with children, all in one career ! It became clear that this was something I could see myself doing for the rest of my life.

Journalling my dreams, passions desires and watching these develop and lead me to new discoveries has really helped me and so I encourage you to start your very own Dream book for whatever phase of life you’re in. 🙂

[For more of my experiences as an OT student, go to https://mein3dee.wordpress.com/discover-your-potential/ ]

Dream [002]: TRAVEL!

i want to travel the world and go back to yesterday in tomorrow:)

Top places I’d love to see:

  • >>England
  • >> Rome
  • >>Rwanda
  • >>Canada
  • >>Italy
  • >>Brasil


Here are a few pics of places I’d love to find myself in…

2012: I totally love nature…it gives me a sense of peace and serenity…


2016: Watching dreams become reality…
2012: To-do: Touch snow!


This place looks interesting…honestly i don’t know where it is,but it looks like a place I’d love to be…just to sit on those steps and journal my heart out! 🙂
The colourful city, the buildings…just wanna be all in the middle of that…
The snow!
this would be a perfect setting for Christmas time…:)
This is just plain beautiful!:)
In the middle of the city…:)
nature…speaks for itself
awesome place to be for inspiration…
My Grandmother from England sent us a post card of something similar. It awakened a desire within me to go and visit this beautiful place..so I’m guessing I’d find these cottages and greenery in England-absolutely beautiful!!
the gushing waves… the colourful city…
absolute beauty!


Before 2013 is over:

  1. Get through my first year of University!
  2. Save enough money for the orphans in Rwanda and have plans ready to go deliver it personally.
  3. Learn a new song on the guitar.
  4. Learn a dance.
  5. Get my Driver’s License.
  6. Learn a new Language.
  7. Learn to play the piano/key board
  8. Memorize Psalm 18.
  9. Finish at least 3 chapters of my children’s mystery book and publish before age 27.
  10. Complete my outstanding visual diary pages!
  11. Have my business well established.

what are some of your goals before 2013 is over and what action steps would you put in place to achieve them?

  • Goals need to be specific (so set a date to it, an age-make it as detailed as you can)
  • Plan and Note at least one action step you’ll need to take TODAY to achieve your goal.
  • Feel free to break one massive goal into tiny milestones first.
i love this view!

Share your thoughts :)

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