Tips for Teens_GZO (Girls-Zone-Only)

Tips for TeenLife_GZO (girls Zone Only!)
Tips for TeenLife_GZO (girls Zone Only!)

So i’ve noticed in this day and age, many female teens have become desperate to attract the attention of the male species, and as a result, take up the role of the guy. It’s time to take a step back, ladies, and focus on making YOU a better person.

TIP #o1

This world will never accept you, so stop trying to impress society. it’s tiring-really.

Tip #02

Real Guys, even some of the ‘bad’ ones,  like girls who are mysterious and modest. (and no, fashion modesty doesn’t mean covering every inch of skin, it simply means you know how to wear your clothes). In the words of Marilyn Monroe (one of my fav’s) -“your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman, but loose enough to show you’re a lady”

Tip #03

At this age, you need to have good, supportive friends-focus on making friends and having friendships, girls and guys.

Tip #04

Be confident in the body God has given you! Stop stressing about the things you cannot change about yourself. Embrace your imperfections, wear them with pride-it’s yours and its exactly what makes you so beautiful. Guys are not easily attracted to low self-esteem, so be and wear that confidence!

Tip #05

Laugh so much!-enough said.

Tip #06

Smile-having the serious look just makes you unapproachable.

Tip #07 

If you get complimented-accept it! Just SMILE and say Thank you.

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